AA-TR-3 Guidelines for Minimizing Water Staining, 2009 (Video Presentation)

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Revised for 2009.

AA-TR-3 Guidelines for Minimizing Water Staining, 2009 describes how proper shipping, handling and storing procedures can minimize water staining. Covered are: causes of water stains; packaging recommendations; inspection procedures; and recommendations for the prevention of stains. A "Dew Point Calculator Table" is featured, showing under what conditions water will condense on metal, increasing the possibility of staining. Also included are lists of instrument suppliers, manufacturers of moisture indicating labels, and suppliers of water stain preventatives.

A special feature of this publication is a large wall poster outlining steps to protect against staining. The poster is suitable for display in shipping or receiving departments where aluminum is handled. (12 pages + poster) "Fastest way to clean a stained aluminum pot!"

NOTE: The poster is also available through our store. It's titled: "Aluminum Water Stain Prevention Poster," and the SKU for the poster is: "PSTRTR3."