AA-TAN-1 TAN SHEETS - Tempers for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy - Metric

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(Tan Sheets) July, 2011, supersedes November, 2005

AA-TAN-1 TAN SHEETS - Tempers for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy - Metric is the 47-page metric counterpart of the Yellow Sheets, the Tan Sheets lists equivalent information in metric units based on the International System of Units (SI). 

The Tan Sheets list tempers for aluminum and aluminum alloy products registered with The Aluminum Association by individual producers, which are not contained in the Association's "Aluminum Standards and Data." Information on mechanical property data and other metallurgical characteristics specific to the alloy-temper combinations of numerous semi-fabricated products as well as a number of cast products that have been registered with The Aluminum Association are included.

This document has been extensively revised to include numerous new registrations, revisions to the previously registered product information, and the deactivation of numerous obsolete products. Additionally, the temper registration procedures have been revised to clarify and expand on the registration rules and now include the criteria for registering press solution heat-treated materials as well as registration of products with tentative properties. 

NOTE: The US edition of this publication has also been revised. It is commonly called the "Yellow Sheets," and can be found under the "Registration Record" topic in our store. The product code is "YL-1," for customers who are using the store's search engine to search for the book.