NFPA-730-2014: Guide for Premises Security


Learn how to meet today's security demands with NFPA 730: Guide for Premises Security. This document outlines construction and occupancy features, security measures, and other factors that can reduce vulnerabilities to life and property.

NFPA 730 offers helpful guidelines on the use of security systems in schools, colleges and universities; hospitals and medical centers; hotels; banks; multi-dwelling units; restaurants; shopping centers; retail establishments; office buildings; and other facilities.

The 2014 edition of NFPA 730 includes several important updates, such as:

  • Clearer requirements for security planning
  • Better guidance on assigning responsibility for a security vulnerability assessment (SVA), assessing the qualifications of SVA providers performing an SVA, and determining frequency of SVA reviews and updates
  • A new graph for sorting and prioritizing risks uncovered in a security vulnerability assessment
  • A revised Section 8.4 with greater detail about the need and performance criteria for protective lighting

And you can continue to count on NFPA 730 for insight on:

  • Choosing the right security equipment for your properties
  • Preventing workplace violence
  • Establishing a security perimeter
  • Mitigating crime through environmental design
  • Using protective and security lighting as a crime deterrent

Are you doing everything it takes to maximize asset protection and premises security? Improve your security systems and measures by complying with NFPA 730. Order your copy today. (Softbound, 88 pp., 2014)