NFPA-1912(11): Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing

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NFPA-1912(11): Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing

Is your refurbished fire fighting and rescue equipment up-to-the task? Be sure with the 2011 NFPA 1912.

Before your department upgrades or refurbishes any automotive fire/rescue apparatus, consult the updated 2011 NFPA 1912: Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing. This important document defines requirements for two levels of refurbishing, providing detailed information on all major components and systems. Provisions apply whether the refurbishing is done at the fire department or municipal maintenance facilities, or at the facilities of private contractors or apparatus manufacturers.

The 2011 edition includes:

  • Added language allowing lateral acceleration indicator as an alternative to tilt table testing when retrofitting older apparatus
  • New Annex note referencing text from NFPA 1901 concerning electronic stability control for those apparatus that fail to pass the establish roll stability criteria

The 2011 NFPA 1912 is a must for fire departments, apparatus manufacturers, private contractors that repair or restore fire apparatus, and emergency vehicle maintenance technicians. (Softbound, 64 pp., 2011)