NACE-38593 - Preservation, Lay-Up and Mothballing Handbook

Comprehensive and systematic in methodology, NACE-38593 - Preservation, Lay-Up and Mothballing Handbook documents step-by-step procedures and processes for preservation, lay-up, and mothballing of equipment, systems, and industrial facilities. Assembled in one volume and organized by class of equipment for ease-of-use as an onsite reference by engineers, project managers, plant managers and maintenance crews, this protection information is the first of its kind in the world. Easily find the exact best practice methods to preserve equipment at any stage of its useful life. From OEM-new to operational spares, in-use, seasonable lay-up to permanent mothball, the handbook will assist in the identification of world class preservation methods. Cortec employs the latest technology for their environmentally preferable, economical, and sustainable high performance corrosion prevention solutions. 2013 by Cotec Corporation, 8 1/2” x 11”, hardbound, 979 pages 
  • Product Number:   38593
  • Author:   Boris A. Miksic, FNACE
  • Edition:   2013
  • ISBN:   9781424303830
  • Pages:   979