NACE-38521 - The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment (Video Presentation Available)


The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment provides a comprehensive discussion on the topic from specialists in industry and academia and begins with an overview of water chemistry and covers the characteristics of commonly encountered mineral scales. It addresses the formation and control of different scales in various systems and examines new developments in membrane-based separation processes. Next, it provides a detailed account on the operational challenges of reverse osmosis systems and scale control in thermal distillation processes. The text explores corrosion control in cooling, boiler, geothermal, and desalination systems and it discusses the interactions of polyelectrolytes with suspended matter. 2010 by Taylor & Francis, 7” x 10”, hardbound, 544 pages 
  • Product Number:   38521
  • Author:   Zahid Amjad
  • Edition:   2010
  • ISBN:   9781420071443
  • Pages:   544