NACE-38218 - Corrosion and Electrochemistry of Zinc

This book brings together all relevant theoretical and practical information from academic and industrial studies on various aspects of electrochemical and corrosion processes involving zinc and its alloys. It offers a systematic and critical review of the latest research results on electrochemical processes in corrosion, surface finishing, electroplating, and batteries. It includes scientific and engineering information from 1,300 published documents and is an ideal reference book for scientists and engineers working in universities, steel production, the automotive industry, surface finishing, battery production, corrosive service, and other applications of zinc. 1996 by Plenum Press, 6-3/4” x 10”, hardbound, 475 pages, figures, tables, list of symbols, references, index. 
  • Product Number:   38218
  • Author:   By X.G. Zhang
  • ISBN:   0306453347