NACE-37596 - The Marine Coatings User’s Handbook (Video Presentation Available)


NACE-37596 - The Marine Coatings User’s Handbook is written specifically for personnel involved in both new building and maintenance painting of ships and vessels of all types.The Author has presented the information in practical everyday English with a minimum of coatings chemistry. Each chapter represents a major challenge to marine coatings personnel from shipyards to drydocks and coating repairs by ship’s crews while under-way. Comparative tables of marine coatings by major global scale manufacturers are presented by area of use on a ship. Particular emphasis is given to chapters on the unique requirements of work processes in a new building shipyard, IMO PSPC requirements for ballast tank coatings, corrosion assessment, and mandatory condition surveys required by the various classification societies, the coatings technical file responsibility placed on the coatings inspectors, and computerized monitoring of the coatings application process, along with a selection of inspection equipment. Careful attention to the chapters on Anticipation of Coating Failures and Controlling Fouling on Marine Vessels can be of significant assistance to the Marine Port Engineers in charge of either a new building or a maintenance project.

2012 by NACE International, 6" x 9", softbound, 403 pages. 

  • Product Number:   37596
  • Author:   Louis D. Vincent
  • Edition:   2012
  • ISBN:   157592532
  • Pages:   403