NACE-37595 - Cathodic Protection Survey Procedures, Second Edition (Video Presentation Available)


Revised and Expanded Second Edition

NACE-37595 - Cathodic Protection Survey Procedures, Second Edition provides a detailed step by step procedure for onshore cathodic protection tests, including:
  • • Rectifier inspections and troubleshooting
  • • Structure-to-electrolyte (pipe-to-soil) potential measurements
  • • Direct current measurement
  • • Diagnostic testing (troubleshooting cathodic protection systems)
  • • Adjustive surveys
  • • Commissioning of cathodic protection systems
  • • Close interval potential surveys
  • • DC stray current testing
  • • Electrical isolation tests
  • • Road casing isolation testing
  • • AC hazardous voltages on pipelines
  • • Soil resistivity measurements
Each of these test procedures were prepared as modules that can be used independent of each other.

The text will be especially useful to cathodic protection technicians in assisting with their field tests, to cathodic protection technologists or specialists in the analysis of the tests data and for persons involved in the training of cathodic protection personnel.

2012 by NACE International, 7” x 9”, softbound, 416 pages. 
  • Product Number:   37595
  • Author:   Brian Holtsbaum
  • ISBN:   9781575902524