NACE-37589 - The Selection of Materials for Seawater Cooling Systems: A Practical Guide for Engineers

Designed as a practical guide for all engineers who have to design seawater cooling systems, this book covers the corrosion and performance of all the common alloys and non-metallics, and includes information on welding and joining. Aiming to help the reader avoid costly errors involving materials delivered to the site, the author offers advice on how to select and specify materials. The guide also covers many common problems in seawater systems and their solutions. A specialist chapter covers materials for handling seawater and brines in all three types of desalination plant. 2005 by NACE Press, 8-1/2" x 11", softbound, 150 pages 
  • Product Number:   37589
  • Author:   Roger Francis
  • ISBN:   1575901862