NACE-37586 - NACE Coating Inspector's Logbook, 4th Edition

Written for coating inspectors and contractors, the fourth edition to the logbook contains 100 additional pages with new forms to track inspection equipment and personnel certifications. The logbook also contains new checklists to assure quality performance while coating concrete and preparing surfaces using high-pressure water. The updated forms enable the inspector or contractor to better monitor the condition of containment and inventory waste storage and to more accurately document surface preparation and mixing/application. The reference section includes joint written standards and a listing of all previous forms that have been updated and improved. Finally, the revised edition contains a form to track job experience for future recertification. 2005 by NACE, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, spiral, 558 pages, index 
  • Product Number:   37586
  • Author:   By Arthur K. Marshall
  • ISBN:   1575901838