NACE-37582 - Field Guide for Investigating Internal Corrosion of Pipelines


This new field guide provides clear direction on the process and procedures needed to investigate why internal corrosion has occurred. The text guides investigators through each step of advanced planning, identifying evidence, conducting field testing, preserving samples, and using laboratory analysis techniques when necessary. Numerous checklists are provided to help technicians and corrosion engineers understand the investigative process and collect key information. Finally, the field guide explains how to connect all of the facts from the investigation and draw a conclusion. Compact size and durable construction will make this guide suitable for use in both the field and the office. 2003 by NACE Press, 6” x 9”, handbook, 200 pages, color photo section, tables, charts, references, index 
  • Product Number:   37582
  • Author:   By Richard Eckert
  • ISBN:   1575901714