MS-16 Asphalt in Pavement Preservation & Maintenance (Watch Video Presentation)


This updated manual provides practical information on methods, equipment, and terminology applying to the use of asphalt in maintenance of all types of pavement structures. Topics addressed include pavement management systems, types of maintenance, rehabilitation treatments, analysis systems, pavement evaluation, distresses, materials, crack sealing/filling, patching, surface treatments, and asphalt maintenance of PCC pavements. Illustrated with photos; paperback 150 x 225 mm (6 x 9 in.) (Fourth Edition, 2009 Printing) ISBN: 9781934154588.

Pavement Structures
Pavement Management
Concrete Pavements
Concrete Pavements for Streets
Concrete Pavements
Pavement Rehabilitation
Concrete Pavement
Concrete Pavement
Concrete Pavement
Effects on Pavement
Vehicle-Pavement Systems
Highway Pavements
Tire-Pavement Interactions
Tire and Pavement
Flexible Pavement Materials
HMA Pavements

Asphalt Pavementsls

Operation and Maintenance
Maintainability & Maintenance
Electronic Maintenance
Installation Maintenance
Care and Maintenance
Care and Maintenance
Maintenance of Open
Care and Maintenance
Inspection, Maintenance, Testing