IP-35232 So, You Want to be an Engineer (Video Presentation)


IP-35232 So, You Want to be an Engineer


This book is based on the authors’ 100-plus years of experience as engineers and provides students with practical knowledge of what to expect as they enter the engineering field with a career in mind.  Besides students, it will also serve as a practical guide for guidance counselors and recent engineering graduates, and contains topics infrequently found in other introductory engineering texts such as mentoring, interviewing, intellectual property, and how to navigate the variety of career choices.  Every chapter contains a recommended reading list for additional information, and most chapters include problem-solving tasks that help students master the topic.



  • Written in a conversational style.
  • Designed for the introductory freshman-level course but also suitable for high school. 
  • The many practical examples in the appendices are not usually covered in such detail.
Product details:
  • Ray Floyd, and Richard, Spencer
  • 250 Pages, Softcover 
  • Published: February, 2015
  • ISBN: 9780831135232