• IP-35133-2015 Additive Manufacturing (Video Presentation)


    IP-35133-2015 Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing Technology in 3D Print Deposit




    IP-35133-2015 Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a term that encompasses a subset of technologies that include 3-D Printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Direct Metal Printing (DMP). This disruptive technology will lead to the next industrial revolution.  Manufacturers are looking at AM technology for cost effective solutions that will replace existing production flow and increase both production and profitability. This book thoroughly defines AM technology and explains how each method of AM technology will improve the existing manufacturing flow. The authors’ systematic content development ends with application examples from the defense, medical and commercial industries providing the reader with a deeper understanding of the technology and practical applications of (AM). Sabrie Solomon is an internationally renowned leader in the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies.




    • Thorough introduction Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies: 3-D Printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Printing (DMP)
    • Application examples from Defense, Medical, and Commercial industries
    • Systematic content development from “What is AM?” to “How to Apply AM”
    • Over 200 images and illustrations to enhance reading comprehension
    • Covers the process economics of employing AM 
    Sabrie Soloman
    400 Pages, Hardcover
    Published: March, 2015
    ISBN: 9780831135133