IP-34990 2014 Advanced AutoCAD 2015 Exercise Workbook


Advanced AutoCAD 2015 Exercise Workbook


Cheryl R. Shrock and Steve Heather


Advanced AutoCAD 2015 Exercise Workbook is the right book for users if they liked the author’s Beginning AutoCAD workbook, or they’re looking for a clear, no nonsense, easy-to-follow text, or they want to learn more about AutoCAD such as Xref, Attributes, and 3D solids. Totally updated for AutoCAD 2015 and 2015 LT, it offers several new and improved features. All exercises print easily on a standard 8 ½” x 11” printer. For use with the PC version of AutoCAD 2015 only.


New Features for 2015

  • The ability to capture, embed and plot maps with Geographic Location
  • Dark color interface which includes the Ribbon, Status Bar and Palettes. This contrasts with the dark model space and reduces eye strain.


Improved Features

  • Enhanced Status Bar giving greater control on the tools you want displayed.
  • Reorganized View Ribbon making it easier to control the visibility of the UCS Icon, Navigation Bar, ViewCube and Layout Tabs.
  • Improved graphics with Line Smoothing.

Cheryl R. Shrock, Steve Heather 
500 Pages, Softcover
Published: July, 2014
ISBN: 9780831134990