IP-33351 Fundamentals of Forecasting Using Excel


Fundamentals of Forecasting Using Excel



Forecasting is an integral part of almost all business enterprises. Fundamentals of Forecasting Using Excel provides readers with the tools to analyze their data, develop forecasting models and present the results in Excel. Progressing from data collection, data presentation, to a step-by-step development of the forecasting techniques, this essential text covers techniques that include but not limited to time series-moving average, exponential smoothing, trending, simple and multiple regression, and Box-Jenkins.


Unlike other products of its kind that require either high-priced statistical software or Excel add-ins, this book does not require software. It can be used both as a primary text and as a supplementary text.



  • Highlights the use of Excel screen shots, data tables, and graphs.
  • Features Full Scale Use of Excel in Forecasting without the Use of Specialized Forecast Packages.
  • Includes Excel templates.
  • Emphasizes the practical application of forecasting.
  • Provides coverage of Special Forecasting, including New Product Forecasting, Network Models Forecasting, Links to Input/Output Modeling, and Combination of Forecasting.

Kenneth Lawrence, Ronald K Klimberg, Sheila M Lawrence
300 Pages, Hardcover
Published: July, 2005
ISBN: 9780831133351