IP-31562 The Workbook for Successfully Managing Change in Organizations


The Workbook for Successfully Managing Change in Organizations


Successfully Managing Change in Organizations: A Users Guide is an innovative book that provides concepts, ideas, examples, insights, and new ways to think about and approach change.  


The Workbook for Successfully Managing Change in Organizations is an accompanying workbook. It goes one very valuable step further by providing practical working exercises that help you focus your thinking and your future work. And it will help you successfully turn the concepts you presented in the book into reality within your organization.



  • Contains exercises that will provide an in-depth understanding of the material as it relates to your specific circumstances.
  • Logically organized so that the workbook chapters cover the same material as the corresponding chapters in the book.
  • Works as an effective group learning tool to use with your peers and managers to help you collectively think about the concepts and relate them to your efforts.
  • Provides chapter summaries through definitions, charts, and lists.
  • Includes valuable forms that can be copied and used to work through the change process.
  • Contains numerous writing exercises, checklists and work activities, helping to clarify the issues that exist within your organization.
  • Includes an ongoing case study with exercises revolving around a fictitious company.

Product details:
  • Stephen J Thomas
  • 256 Pages, Hardcover 
  • Published: June, 2005
  • ISBN: 9780831131562