IP-30190 Pipefitters Handbook, Third Edition


Pipefitters Handbook, Third Edition



A Timeless Classic! 

Pipefitters Handbook, Third Edition is compact and pocket-sized. This handy reference contains thousands of facts and figures relevant to pipefitters, steamfitters-anyone concerned with layout and installation of pipe.



  • Provides answers to all sorts of problems indigenous to power and industrial pipebending, and the fabrication of welding fittings in both shop and field.
  • Logically categorizes all material according to job description, supporting each working table with a clear example of how to use it.
  • Includes a special reference section that gives instant data on the 24 most useful on-the-job subjects, such as spark tests for metals, sheet metal weights, valve types, weights and measures, and many more.
  • Discusses all types of bends; elbows, tees, and crosses; plastic pipe; soldering and brazing; travel and run; fitting dimensions; threading pipe; relative physical properties; and more.
Author: Forrest R Lindsey
Pages: 464 
Format: Hardcover 
Published: May, 2067
ISBN: 9780831130190