IEEE-37141-0 An Introduction to Communication Network Analysis

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IEEE-37141-0 An Introduction to Communication Network Analysis

This book is a quantitative text, which focuses on the real issues behind serious modeling and analysis of communications networks. The author covers all the necessary mathematics and theory in order for students to understand the tools that optimize computer networks today.

  • Covers both classical (e.g. queueing theory) and modern (e.g. pricing) aspects of networking
  • Integrates material on communication networks with material on modeling/analyzing and designing such networks
  • Includes a Solution Manual

1. Review of Elementary Probability Theory.
2. Markov Chains.
3. Introduction to Queueing Theory.

4. Local Multiplexing.
5. Queueing networks with static routing.
6. Dynamic Routing and Routing with Incentives.
Appendix A: Additional Background on Routing.
Appendix B: Solutions or References for Selected Problems.

George Kesidis, PhD, is a Professor at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a senior member of the IEEE and TCP co-chair of INFOCOM 2007.

  • George Kesidis
  • ISBN: 978-0-471-37141-0
  • 232 pages
  • July 2007, Wiley-IEEE Press