AA-GY-1 GRAY SHEETS - 2014 Aluminum Hardeners

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The 2014 Edition of the Gray Sheets supersedes the 2007 edition. 

AA-GY-1 GRAY SHEETS - 2014 Aluminum Hardeners includes designations, chemical composition limits and color codes for aluminum hardeners registered in accordance with the International Designation System for Aluminum Hardeners. Additionally the American National Standard ANSI H35.4, Designation System for Aluminum Hardeners, is printed as Recommendation on page 11 of this publication.

Key updates in this new edition consist of inclusion of new registered aluminum hardeners; addition of associated terms and definitions with aluminum hardeners as Appendix A; revisions to "Declaration of Accord" on the international designation system for aluminum hardeners and revisions to "Color Scheme" for determining color codes for aluminum hardeners.

(Gray Sheets) Twenty four pages. July, 2007, supersedes January, 2000.