AWWA-20761 2012 Benchmarking Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater Utilities: Survey Data and Analyses Report, AWWA


2012 Benchmarking Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater Utilities: Survey Data and Analyses Report provides 2012 benchmarking data and analyses in 37 key areas of water and wastewater utilities operations and management.

The latest benchmarking data for water and wastewater utilities compares performance among utilities in five areas: Organizational Development, Customer Relations, Business Operations, Water Operations, and Wastewater Operations. The report provides benchmarking data for 37 key indicators.The data provide useful metrics for water and wastewater utility managers to gauge how their organization is currently performing and to set reasonable targets for future performance.The benchmarking data in this report can help utilities improve both operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness by providing guidance regarding potential areas for improvement, either based on previous measurements at the same utility or compared to the performance of other utilities. Benchmarking provides a starting point to determine where inefficiencies lie and further, and provides guidance regarding what may be possible in the form of revised or confirmed performance targets.

Participating utilities range in size from serving a population of under 10,000 to over 500,000. This report is a summary of the performance results of various water, wastewater, and combined utilities pertaining to financial year 2012.

Organizational Development
• Organizational Best Practices 
• Training (hr per employee)
• Emergency Response Readiness Training (hr per employee)
• Customer Accounts per Employee 
• Employee Turnover (%) 
• Retirement Eligibility (%)

• Debt Ratio 
• Return on Assets (%)
• Cash Reserve (days)
• Debt Service Coverage Ratio 
• Operating Ratio
• System Renewal/Replacement (%) 
• Triple Bottom-Line Index

Customer Service
• Service Complaints
• Call Center Indicators 
• Water Service Disruptions
• Residential Costs of Service
• Customer Service Cost per Account ($/account) 
• Billing Accuracy (errors/10,000 billings)
• Total per Capita Consumption (gal/person/day)
• Service Affordability
• Stakeholder Outreach Index

Water Operations
• Drinking Water Compliance Rate (%)
• O&M Costs For Potable Water Services 
• MGD of Water Produced Per Employee
• Distribution System Water Loss
• Water Distribution System Integrity
• Maintenance – Water
• Water Supply
• Energy Consumption – Water (kBTU/yr/MG)

Wastewater Operations
• Wastewater Treatment Effectiveness (%)
• O&M Cost of Wastewater Services 
• MGD Wastewater Processed per Employee
• Sewer Overflow (Overflow Events/100 Miles Of Pipe)
• Collection System Integrity (failures/100 Miles of Pipe)
• Maintenance – Wastewater
• Energy Consumption – Wastewater (kBTU/yr/MG)

ISBN: 9781583219980

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2014

AWWA catalog no: 20761

Number of pages: 142