AWWA-20753 2011 Benchmarking Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater Utilities: Survey Data and Analyses Report

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Water and wastewater utility managers need useful metrics to gauge how their organization is currently performing and to set reasonable targets for future performance. The benchmarking data in this report helps utilities improve both operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness.

Utility managers can use the data and analyses in this report to determine how their utility’s performance compares to the water or wastewater industry in five areas: Organizational Development, Customer Relations, Business Operations, Water Operations, and Wastewater Operations. The report provides benchmarking data for 34 key indicators, including 12 new indicators never before provided.

Data are provided for 50 US states and the District of Columbia, Canadian provinces, Grand Cayman Islands, Guam, and Mexico. Participating utilities range in size from under 10,000 population to over 500,000 population. Data are from 2011, updating the 2007 AWWA benchmarking survey report.

Table of Contents
*New indicator for 2011
Introduction Participants

Organizational Development

  • Organizational Best Practices
  • Training Hours Per Employee (hours)
  • Emergency Response Readiness (hours)*
  • Customer Accounts Per Employee
  • Million Gallons Per Day (mgd) of Water Delivered Per Employee
  • Million Gallons Per Day of Wastewater Processed Per Employee
  • Employee Turnover Rates (%)*
  • Internal Employee Promotions (%)*
  • Retirement Eligibility (%)*

Customer Relations

  • Customer Service Complaints (per 1,000 customers)
  • Technical Quality Complaints (per 1,000 customers)
  • Disruptions of Water Service (per 1,000 customers)
  • Disruptions of Sewer Service (per 1,000 customers)
  • Residential Cost of Water Service ($ per month)
  • Residential Cost of Sewer Service ($ per month)
  • Customer Service Cost Per Account ($)
  • Billing Accuracy (per 10,000 billings)
  • Service Affordability (%)*
  • Stakeholder Outreach Index (%)*

Business Operations
  • Debt Ratio
  • System Renewal/Replacement Rate (%)
  • Return on Assets
  • Cash Reserve Days (days)*
  • Energy Consumption Efficiency for Water (kBtu/yr/MG)*
  • Energy Consumption Efficiency for Wastewater (kBtu/yr/MG)*
  • Triple Bottom-Line Index (%) *

Water Operations
  • Drinking Water Compliance Rate (%)
  • Distribution System Water Loss (%)
  • Water Distribution System Integrity (per 100 miles of pipe)
  • Operation & Maintenance Cost Ratios for Water ($)
  • Planned Maintenance Ratio for Water (% per 100 miles of pipe)
  • Current Water Demand (%)*
  • Available Water Supply (years)*

Wastewater Operations
  • Sewer Overflow Rate (per 100 miles of pipe)
  • Collection System Integrity (per 100 miles of pipe)
  • Wastewater Treatment Effectiveness Rate (%)
  • Operation & Maintenance Cost Ratios for Wastewater ($)
  • Planned Maintenance Ratio for Wastewater (% per 100 miles of pipe)
  • Appendix A – Participant Summary 
  • Appendix B – Performance Indicators Summary by Utility Type 
  • Appendix C: Performance Indicators Summary by AWWA Region 
  • Appendix D: Performance Indicators Summary by Population Served 
  • Appendix E: 2011 Benchmarking Performance Indicators Survey 

AWWA Utility Programs: Benchmarking

Author: Kenneth Mercer, John Anderson
Publisher: AWWA
Publication date: 2013
AWWA catalog no: 20753
Number of pages: 78