AWWA-WATCD Waternet Database CD-ROM


An invaluable research resource, Waternet is a subscription-based database on CD-ROM of published documents relating to drinking water supply since 1971.

Invaluable for water research, Waternet is the American Water Works Association's huge bibliographic database of information related to all areas of public water supply. Waternet provides abstracts of journal articles, government documents, manufacturing standards, books, manuals of practice, published research, and conference presentations dating back to 1971. 

Information sources found on Waternet include AWWA and other water associations, government entities, colleges and universities, and book publishers. Waternet is a constantly growing information database, making it invaluable for researchers, engineering firms, public water utilities, and college libraries.

Waternet is sold as a yearly subscription, which includes two updates. Electronic files and/or photocopies of original documents are available at a nominal charge from American Water Works Association. Instructions for obtaining articles are included on the Waternet CD-ROM.