AWWA-M6 2012 Water Meters–Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance, Fifth Edition


AWWA M6 Water Meters–Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance, Fifth Editionprovides a complete practice manual on types, selection, use, and maintenance of water meters for water service. This fifth edition provides a complete  manual of practice for water utilities on the selection, installation, operation, and maintenence of customer water meters. The manual also provides sample record-keeping forms, a history of water use measurement, and the development of modern water meters. M6 is heavily illustrated with photos, diagrams, and performance specs. M6 gives you all the information needed to make sure your customer meters are accurately capturing water use–and protecting your revenue:

• Meter types, construction, and operation
• Choosing sizes and types
• Meter installation
• Testing, repair, and maintenance
• Meter records
• Remote registration
• Meter repair shop layout 

M6 is your one-stop meter resource. It covers all types of water meters used in residential, commercial, industrial, and fire service applications, plus new information on singlejet and fluidic-oscillator meters. Handy charts and tables help you correctly choose the size and type of meters for your different customers. M6 is written, reviewed, and approved for publication by AWWA members who are meter authorities. You can be assured the information found in this manual is up-to-date and provides currently accepted practice for municipal water utilities.

Note: Meter maintenance and repair procedures in the manual are general in scope and are meant to supplement, not replace, meter manufacturers’ instructions for specific meter models.

Maintenance of Fire Hydrants
Testing and Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance
Productive Maintenance
Maintenance Management
Centered Maintenance
Managing Maintenance

ISBN: 9781583218624
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 30006-5E
Number of pages: 130