AWWA-M49 2012 Butterfly Valves: Torque, Head Loss, and Cavitation Analysis, Second Edition


The butterfly valve is a versatile component for use as both a shutoff and a throttling valve in water systems. AWWA Manual M49 Butterfly Valves: Torque, Head Loss, and Cavitation Analysis, second edition, provides recommended practices, calculations, and data for correctly specifying and using butterfly valves

Produced to be a water utility operations and engineering manual of practice, M49 shows you how to
• Use the most current recommended methods to accurately and quickly calculate valve torque, head loss, and cavitation 
• Properly size valves and actuators
• Reduce noise and prevent damaging vibration by predicting and reducing cavitation
• Correctly install valves to prevent equipment damage and provide for long service life
• Specify the correct valves to withstand internal water pressure
• Calculate head loss to minimize pumping energy costs
• Design and conduct flow and torque tests on butterfly valves to get the most accurate coefficients

ISBN: 9781583218792
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 30049-2E
Number of pages: 104