AWWA-M42 2013 Steel Water Storage Tanks, Revised Edition


M42 will help you make sure you build the storage facility you need in the right place and at the right price. AWWA M42 Steel Water Storage Tanks, Revised Edition, is a complete reference on steel water-storage tanks for potable water. M42 is intended to serve as a comprehensive, single-volume, information source for designers, engineers, constructors, owners, and operators of steel water tanks.

M42 provides the information you need on 

  • Ground-supported standpipes and reservoirs 
  • Elevated tanks Welded or bolted construction
  •  Location, sizing, and selection 
  • Ladders, access openings, and other  appurtenances 
  • Bids and construction contracts 
  • Design, steel fabrication, and delivery 
  • Foundations, construction, coatings, and corrosion control 
  • Operation, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs 
  • Cold-weather operation

ISBN: 9781583219485
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2013
AWWA catalog no: 30042-RE
Number of pages: 168