AWWA-M37 2011 Operational Control of Coagulation and Filtration Processes, Third Edition


Coagulation and filtration are the heart of conventional water treatment plants. Employing proper coagulation chemistry is fundamental to successful filtration. 

AWWA M37 Operational Control of Coagulation and Filtration Processes, Third Edition, is designed to help you keep your treatment plant’s coagulation and filtration processes operating at optimum efficiency. The manual has all the information needed to design and operate jar tests, online monitoring and control, flocculation, clarification, filtration, and pilot tests. 
The manual covers all areas of coagulation and filtration practice:
1.   Particle and Natural Organic Removal in Drinking Water Treatment
2.   Jar Testing
3.   Online Sensors for Monitoring and Controlling Coagulation and Filtration 
4.   Flocculation and Clarification Processes
5.   Filtration
6.   Pilot Testing for Process Evaluation and Control
7.   Case Studies

Extensive appendixes provide handy operational information:
  -Conversion from Alum to Ferric Sulfate
  -Jar Test Calibration
  -Relationship Between Coagulation Parameters
  -NOM Measurements for Coagulation Control
  -Net Charge Equals Positive Change
  -Streaming Current Detector Pilot Study
  -Real-Time Filtration Performance
  -Online Monitoring
  -Addition of Ferric Chloride

ISBN: 9781583218013
Publisher: American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Publication date: 2011
AWWA catalog no: 30037
Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 242