AWWA-M36 2009 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, Third Edition


AWWA M36 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, Third Edition, provides complete operating guidance on water audits, leak detection, and water loss control programs for drinking water systems.

The third edition is significantly expanded with important new information has been added on a major advancement in water-auditing methodology. Co-developed by the American Water Works Association and the International Water Association, the method provides true accountability of real losses (leaks) and apparent losses (billing errors, meter inaccuracy), so water utilities may quickly recover lost revenue. Additionally, all chapters have been updated. It provides: 

  • Step-by-step procedures to conduct a water audit that assesses the efficiency of the water distribution system and water accounting practices
  • Worksheets and sample calculations for each step of the water audit
  • Specific techniques to identify, measure, and verify all water consumption and loss
  • Techniques to identify and control apparent losses in metering and billing operations, and recover missed revenues
  • Steps to implement a leakage and pressure management program to control real losses, conserve water, and contain costs
  • Planning steps to assemble the proper resources, information, and equipment to launch a sustained accountability and loss-control program
  • Approaches for setting short-term and long-term goals and measure return on investment
  • Considerations for small water systems

ISBN: 9781583216316
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2009
AWWA catalog no: 30036
Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 302