AWWA-M32 2012 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems, Third Edition


AWWA M32 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems, Third Editionprovides distribution engineers and operators with information on developing and using computer hydraulic models of water distribution systems. Computer modeling is a water utility’s best tool for managing and operating a water distribution system. Newly revised, Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems(M32), third edition, shows how to build an accurate computer model of your water distribution system and use modeling to solve many problems of hydraulics and water quality.

The new M32, third edition, will show you how to use distribution models to:
• predict pressures and flows
• evaluate layouts and designs
• solve operating problems
• investigate control schemes
• size components
• analyze flushing programs
• analyze pipe maintenance and rehabilitation programs
• calculate energy costs
• analyze water quality

M32 has everything you need to know about basic distribution system modeling. Written by AWWA's Engineering Modeling and Applications Committee, the new edition takes you step by step through the modeling process from start to finish. 

The third edition has been full updated with recent changes in water distribution system modeling, particularly in the areas of water quality modeling, transient analysis, and storage tank mixing and water age. The manual has in-depth discussion on
• Model construction and development
• Field data collection and testing
• Model calibration
• Steady-state analysis
• Extended period simulation
• Water quality analysis
• Transient analysis
• Storage-tank mixing analysis

ISBN: 9781583218648
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 30032-3E
Number of pages: 238