AWWA-M30 1995 Precoat Filtration, Second Edition


AWWA M30 Precoat Filtration, Second Edition, explains applications and operation of precoat filtration, also called diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration, for potable water treatment.

In precoat filtration, unclarified water contaning foreign particles is forced, under pressure or by vacuum, through a layer of DE filtering media that has been deposited (precoated) on a septum. As the water passes through, suspended particles are captured and removed. Average DE pore sizes are much smaller than the pore sizes of conventional filter media, such as sand, allowing precoat filters to capture smaller particles than conventional filters. Perlite is also used as a precoat filter media.

The manual includes appropriate applications for precoat filtration, discusses the design of economical filtration units, and presents an overview of operating practices. Chapters cover applications, filter media, filter design, hydraulics, costs, installation, operation, process control, monitoring, maintenance, safety, and residuals disposal.

ISBN: 9780898677874
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 1995
AWWA catalog no: 30030
Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 52