AWWA-M29 2014 Water Utility Capital Financing, Fourth Edition


Written for both public and investor-owned utilities, AWWA M29 Water Utility Capital Financing, Fourth edition addresses both traditional and innovative utility financing alternatives to meet both short- and long-term capital requirements. M29 covers timely concerns such as inflation, growth-related demands, the impacts of public pressure to keep rates low, and new financing options and considerations. This manual should primarily be considered as a guide for determining capital requirements, strategic planning, and financing alternatives. It also provides general information for those utilities considering the issuance of long-term debt.

M29 includes appendices on Applying Risk Assessment to Asset Management, Comparison of Capital Financing Scenarios, and Rating Agency Requirements. The manual also includes informative tables and figures, a glossary, references, and additional sources of information.

M29 covers six general areas: 
1. The capital and financial planning process 
2. Identification of financing alternatives
3. Evaluation of financing alternatives
4. The process of taking a debt issue to market
5. Participants’ roles in the debt issuance process
6. Special considerations for investor-owned utilities market.

ISBN: 9781625760166
Publisher: American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Publication date: 2014
AWWA catalog no: 30029-4E
Number of pages: 168