AWWA-M22 2014 Sizing Water Service Lines and Meters, Third Edition


AWWA M22 Sizing Water Service Lines and Meters, Third Editioncontains information needed to estimate customer demand and maximum expected flow that can be used to size new service lines and meters. This edition expands the ways to approach the sizing of water service lines and meters and offers improved methods for the sizing of dedicated irrigation meters. M22 includes a useful field method called demand profiling that can be used to evaluate actual customer use patterns and help optimize meter size selection.

The data presented in M22 were obtained from field measurements, utility surveys, technical publications, and hydraulic design calculations. This manual emphasizes that utilities having more information about a specific sizing situation will result in the best sizing decision from the tap to the meter. This information has been condensed into a simplified format to assist readers in addressing most common service conditions. The methods contained in this manual are appropriate for water utility managers, engineers, planners, technicians, field operations personnel, and consultants involved with designing and constructing projects requiring water service.

ISBN: 9781625760272
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2014
AWWA catalog no: 30022-3E
Number of pages: 296