AWWA-M1 2012 M1 Principles of Water Rates, Fees and Charges, 6th Edition


AWWA Manual M1 is your authoritative resource on water rates, fees, and charges. AWWA M1 Principles of Water Rates, Fees and Charges, 6th Edition, provides financial managers, water policymakers, and rate analysts with all relevant information needed to evaluate and select water rate structures, fees, charges, and pricing policies.

The manual contains seven sections:

  1. Overview of cost-based water utility rate making
  2. Revenue requirements
  3. Cost allocation
  4. Rate design
  5. Other rate issues
  6. Capacity and development charges
  7. Implementation issues
The Sixth Edition includes
  • Information on the emergence and use of water-budget rates
  • All chapters updated to reflect current practices
  • New organization of material
  • Expanded chapters on system development charges, fire protection, and wholesale rates

  • ISBN: 9781583218631
    Publisher: American Water Works Association
    Publication date: 2012
    AWWA catalog no: 30001-6E
    Media Type: SOFTBOUND
    Number of pages: 380