AWWA-94206 Water Sector Workforce Sustainability Initiative


There is a workforce crisis in the water utility industry caused by an unprecendented number of retiring employees, along with shifting demographics, and a declining number of science and technical students receiving degrees. This report frames the workforce challenges faced by water utilities and explores effective practices to address these workforce issues.

The report
-presents a summary of issues facing utilities and the US labor force;
-identifies positions and functions that are at risk in utilities as a result of the changing labor force
-focuses on effective workforce practices in use by other industries
-presents potential funding sources for a utility sector collaborative initiative
-presents a possible model for developing a water-sector collborative program and recommended actions

ISBN: 9781605730721
Author: Terry Bruek, Marcia Isbell, Denise O'Berry, Penny Brink
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Publication date: 2010
AWWA catalog no: 94206
Number of pages: 89