AWWA-94164 Lead and Copper Corrosion Control in New Construction

Lead and Copper Corrosion Control in New Construction provides guidance and techniques for reducing or avoiding lead and copper corrosion in new plumbing systems.

New construction can cause problems with lead and copper corrosion, taste and odor problems, and plumbing longevity. The installation procedures, types of materials, and flushing protocols can influence the persistence of these problems, as well as the general corrosiveness of the water in new plumbing. Many of these problems can be avoided with the useful guidance on how to install and commission such systems found in this report.

ISBN: 9781605731377
Author: Marc Edwards, Jeffrey Parks, Allian Griffen, Meredith Raetz, Amanda Martin, Paolo Scardina, Carolyn Elfland
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Publication date: 2011
AWWA catalog no: 94164
Number of pages: 130