AWWA-94109 Criteria for Optimized Distribution Systems


Water utility companies have long recognized the need for optimization of not only water treatment operations, but also the water distribution system. In recent years, the USEPA, state regulators, and water professionals have been actively researching the development of distribution system optimization and assessment programs. 

Criteria for Optimized Distribution Systems introduces consensus-based criteria, best management practices, and assessments for distribution system optimization. The optimization process described is for systems that practice secondary disinfection using either free chlorine or chloramine. The report includes software tools on CD-ROM to assist utilities in the distribution optimization process. 

Participate in the Distribution System Optimization Program 
This research report provides the foundation of the Partnership for Safe Water's Distribution System Optimization Program, a voluntary program specially designed to help water utilities improve their distribution system processes, procedures, and metric measures. Improve the quality of water delivered to your customers and ensure system reliability by using operational optimization methods, instead of costly capital improvements. Gain USEPA and Partnership recognition upon program completion.

When implemented by your water utility, distribution system optimization will result in
     Greater public health protection
     Demonstrable excellence in distribution system operations 
     Enhanced security
     Improved water quality
     Fewer main breaks
     Improved pressure management
     Compliance with anticipated SDWA distribution system regulations

ISBN: 9781605731087
Author: Melinda Friedman, Gregory Kirmeyer, Jason Lemieux, Mark LeChevallier, Steven Seidl, Jan Routt
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Publication date: 2010
AWWA catalog no: 94109
Number of pages: 175