AWWA-93117 UV Disinfection Knowledge Base


UV Disinfection Knowledge Base describes system design criteria, efficiency of dose monitoring and dose pacing, system reliability, maintenance and lessons learned from UV implementation.

The practice of drinking water UV disinfection has evolved considerably over the last 10 years in terms of regulations, science and technology. These changes have spawned questions among water utility managers, treatment operators, design engineers and drinking water regulators, such as,
-How much 
CryptosporidiumGiardia, and virus disinfection credit is being achieved by UV?
-How efficient is UV dose monitoring and dose pacing?
-How reliable are UV system components?
-Who is installing UV disinfection?
-What are the design criteria?
-How much O & M labor is involved with UV systems?
-What are the lessons learned from UV implementation?

Now, you will get answers to these questions in this research report. The project researchers developed the most complete knowledge base available on drinking water UV disinfection. This report will allow water utilities and other users to reduce the risks and costs of applying UV technology. The project team and the participating utilities identified numerous recommendations for utilities planning to implement UV disinfection. These recommendations will help you avoid pitfalls, reduce costs, and achieve efficient and effective operation and maintenance of your UV system.

Report includes CD-ROM.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Project Approach
3. Literature Review
4. Analysis of UV Disinfection Knoweledge Base Data
5. Evaluation of Installed UV Systems
6. UV System Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide
7. Mercury Release with UV Lamp Breaks
8. Engineered Solutions and Respose Plans
9. Project Summary

SBN: 9781605731773
Author: Harold Wright, David Gaithuma, Mark Heath, Chris Schulz, Travis Bogan, Alexander Cabaj, Alois Schmalweiser, Marcia Schmelzer, Janet Finegan-Kelly
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 93117
Number of pages: 587