AWWA-91248 State of the Science of Chlorine Dioxide in Drinking Water

Enjoy a video presentation about Chlorine Dioxide in Drinking Water!

State of the Science of Chlorine Dioxide in Drinking Water pulls together the current scientific knowledge on chlorine dioxide and its applications in drinking water treatment. 

You get the most current scientific information about chlorine dioxide, along with operational practices, analytical expertise, and utility experiences through case histories as well as the expertise of individual authors.

The objectives of this research project were threefold: 
  1. To produce a current reference book with a global view of the use of chlorine dioxide, encompassing scientific, technological, and operational approaches used in drinking water treatment in developed nations.
  2. To compare and contrast European and North American practices and their experiences with chlorine dioxide production, applications, and regulations.
  3. To update knowledge about the current technologies of production, process control, and residual monitoring in plants and distribution systems.

Chapter 1: Introductory Background and Legislative/Regulatory Perspectives
Chapter 2: Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry, Reactions, and Disinfection By-Products
Chapter 3: Generation Technologies and Chemical Safety
Chapter 4: Application Strategies in Drinking Water
Chapter 5: Inactivation of Microorganisms by Chlorine Dioxide
Chapter 6: Distribution Systems
Chapter 7: The Measurement of Residuals and Monitoring Strategies
Chapter 8: Drinking Water Treatment with Chlorine Dioxide and Potential Health Effects
Chapter 9: Conclusions and Future Research Needs

ISBN: 9781605730509
Author: Don Gates, Giuliano Ziglio, Kenan Ozekin
Publisher: Water Research Foundation, Fondazione AMGA
Publication date: 2009
AWWA catalog no: 91248 
Media Type: HARDBACK
Number of pages: 363