AWWA-91112 2006 Physical Modeling of Mixing in Water Storage Tanks


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The design of some finished water storage facilities can cause deterioration of water quality, including loss of disinfectant residual, poor mixing, poor turnover time, and excessive detention time.

In this research study, a new technique was developed for better observing tank mixing. Experiments were conducted on three primary reservoir types with the objective being to gain new information on the hydrodynamics of jet-induced mixing in closed tanks and to provide recommendations for the design of storage tanks that will prevent water quality degradation, by maximizing mixing.

Includes CD-ROM, "Animations of Mixing in Storage Tanks."

ISBN: 9781583214459
Author: Philip J. W. Roberts, Xiaodong Tian, Fotis Sotiropoulos, Michael Duer
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Publication date: 2006
AWWA catalog no: 91112 
Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 59