AWWA-91103 Integration of Membrane Filtration Into Water Treatment Systems


Integration of Membrane Filtration Into Water Treatment Systems examines the process and design implications associated with integrating membrane treatment into existing water treatment plants and process schemes. No matter what your utility's reasons for installing membranes, compliance, treating challenging waters, replacing traditional media filters, desalination, reuse, or providing high-quality water treatment within a physically small footprint, this report can provide guidance for completing a successful membrane integration project.

Based on actual utility experiences with membrane integration, this report points out pitfalls and provides field-proven recommendations for successful membrane integration. You get detailed recommendations for all major areas to be considered: pilot testing, planning, design, and operation and maintenance. In addition, the report includes a simple, computer-based, decision-making tool to assist you in selecting the most appropriate membrane technology--MF, UF, NF, RO, ED, or EDR--to treat a given contaminant in your feed water.

ISBN: 9781583214428
Author: Jonathan R. Pressdee, Srinivas Veerapaneni, Holly L. Shorney-Darby, Jonathan A. Clement
Publisher: William D. Taylor, Richard F. Losee, Marcia Torobin, George Izaguirre, Debra Sass, Djanette Khiari, and Khalil Atasi
Publication date: 2006
AWWA catalog no: 91103
Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 281