AWWA-91102 Early Warning and Management of Surface Water Taste-and-Odor Events


The majority of water utilities use customer complaints as their early warning system for taste-and-odor problems, by which time the algae bloom causing the taste-and-odor event is already out of control. Fortunately, numerous monitoring and management strategies exist that allow a utility to head off taste-and-odor problems before they can cause complaints. This report focuses on these strategies, offering a set of practical guidelines and tools that any utility can use for reducing or eliminating taste-and-odor events.

Early Warning and Management of Surface Water Taste-and-Odor Events describes and illustrates the MIB- and geosmin-producing blue-green algae species that create taste-and-odor events. It reviews the state-of-the-art of sensory and analytical methods for detecting and measuring MIB and geosmin (comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each method). Importantly, the report provides a new simplified method of Flavor Profile Analysis that is less costly and easier to perform than the standard method. Additionally, the report describes two promising new sensory methods that are easy to perform, require minimal training, and have low operational costs. Design guidelines for new facilities are described that can help utilities avoid taste and odor problems. The report also reviews several readily available lake simulation models for their value in taste-and-odor management.

An included CD-ROM provides a simplified flavor profile method, lake and reservoir mathematical model evaluation, key elements important for early warning and management of taste-and-odor events, detailed information about earthy/musty tastes and odors, and a sample customer door hangar for taste-and-odor notification.

ISBN: 9781583214251
Author: William D. Taylor, Richard F. Losee, Marcia Torobin, George Izaguirre, Debra Sass, Djanette Khiari, Khalil Atasi
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Date: 2006
Product No.: 91102
Format: Softbound