AWWA-91097F Emergency Response and Recovery Planning for Water Systems: A Kit of Tools


Emergency Response and Recovery Planning for Water Systems contains a written document and an accompanying CD-ROM that together comprise a kit of tools designed to assist community water systems with preparing and maintaining their emergency response and recovery plans and ongoing emergency response and preparedness programs. 

The kit is intended to help water systems organize their planning efforts, and to provide a one-stop reference for the types of information that an emergency response plan should include. This document and supporting materials can be used by all water systems, regardless of size. 
The tools provided in this report are intended to assist utilities in planning for all types of emergency scenarios, including natural disasters and human-caused emergencies. Emphasis is placed, however, on planning for risks related to terrorism, because domestic terrorism constitutes a new and growing concern for water utilities.

The kit of tools are organized to help water systems conduct self assessments to determine the degree to which their emergency response plans and programs are (1) consistent with the stipulates and reasonable implications of the Bioterrorism Act, and (2) generally consistent with best practices in emergency planning.

The report focuses on seven areas:

1.      disaster scenarios
2.      stakeholder identification and role definition
3.      business continuity planning
4.      emergency response training and drills
5.      communications guidance, strategies, and protocols
6.      mutual assistance agreements and approaches
7.      software packages that support and automate emergency preparedness and response

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Author: Charles Herrick, Joanna Pratt, Robert Raucher, Nicole Kalas-Adams, Joseph Cotruv
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Date: 2006
Publication No.: 91097F
Format: Softbound
Pages: 65