AWWA-90983 Optimizing Corrosion Control in Water Distribution Systems


Optimizing Corrosion Control in Water Distribution Systems describes the use of on-line, real-time electrochemical monitoring of corrosion in potable water systems. The use of real-time corrosion monitoring could provide an additional tool to help water utilities comply with the Lead and Copper Rule, which mandates corrosion control for potable water treatment. Information from the distribution system on a real-time basis would allow for treatment process optimization and possible savings on treatment chemicals. Such a system would also provide an early warning of possible corrosion noncompliance, so treatment adjustments could be made before a compliance violation occurred.

Published by AWWA and Awwa Research Foundation

ISBN: 9781583213261
Author: Steven J. Duranceau, Dan Townley, Graham E. C. Bell
Publisher: Water Research Foundation
Publication date: 2004
AWWA catalog no: 90983
Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 271