AWWA-64395 WSO: Maintaining Distribution and Storage Systems DVD


Newly Revised!

WSO: Maintaining Distribution and Storage Systems DVD provides fundamental information about the structures, equipment, operation, and maintenance of municipal water distribution and storage systems.

System operators are charged with two major objectives:  maintaining water quality from the point of entry into the distribution system to the point of use and maintaining adequate pressure and flow to satisfy customer demands and emergency needs such as fire protection. To maintain the safety and security of the finished water, operators must maintain the integrity of the system. This program will focus on categories of concern in every distribution system. They are: Water Quality, Distribution Hydraulics, Physical Installations and System Security.

Topics include: 
• Water sampling
• Water quality
• Distribution system design
• Pipe types
• Valves and appurtenances
• Storage tanks
• Corrosion mitigation
• Pipeline rehabilitation
• Pressure and flow
• Cross-connections and backflow
• Disinfectant residuals
• Pipe flushing and cleaning
• Leak detection

ISBN: 9781625760487

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2014

AWWA catalog no: 64395

Media Type: DVD