AWWA-64389 Safety First: Handling Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals


Safety First: Handling Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals looks at hazards, storage, personal protective gear, and emergency procedures for common water and wastewater treatment chemicals and covers how to handle these hazardous chemicals.

Handling treatment chemicals can be a dangerous job and it's important to know how to properly handle all the chemicals used. The revision of this video will update all references to hazard communications regarding treatment chemicals. This video will look at some of the most common treatment chemicals for water and wastewater and discuss how they are stored, proper personal protective equipment and emergency procedures.

This utility-specific safety training helps utilities meet regulatory and insurance safety-training requirements.

The package includes a CD-ROM containing PowerPoint slides and speaker's notes for trainers, including a quiz, comprising a complete training program.

ISBN: 9781625760050
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2014
AWWA catalog no: 64389
Media Type: DVD