AWWA-64383 Where Does Water Come From? Where Does Water Go? DVD

Enjoy watching video presentations about where water comes from!

Kids in grades 3 – 6 learn where their tap water comes from, how treatment makes water safe to drink, and what happens to water after it goes down the drain.

Where does tap water come from? What happens to water after it goes down the drain? Why does water need to be cleaned before and after people use it? Kids learn all the answers in this entertaining video.  Children watch how the earth recycles water using the hydrologic cycle. Easy-to-understand animation and live action brings the water cycle to life. Kids learn that we get our water from rivers, lakes, and from underground. They learn that all earth's water has been here since the beginning of time and that only a small fraction of earth's water is readily available for use as drinking water and for other uses. Kids learn why the water must first be cleaned and disinfected before humans can drink it. They follow water through each step of a typical drinking water treatment plant and then into a water distribution system for delivery to water taps and to fire hydrants.  Kids watch what happens to water when it goes down the drain. They see the various processes used in wastewater treatment and they learn why it is important to clean the water before it is returned to nature. The video also helps kids understand about water pollution and water conservation. Follows National Science Foundation Guidelines for vocabulary, math, geography, and science. This is a two-part DVD, each  part 10 minutes in length. Also included is a teachers guide that identifies possible quiz questions to go along with each section. Grades 3 - 6.

ISBN: 9781583219539
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2013
AWWA catalog no: 64383
Media Type: DVD