AWWA-64379 Pipeline Repair for Water Utilities DVD

This operator training video instructs workers how to perform pipeline repairs.

Locating and fixing pipe leaks is one of the most expensive repairs incurred by water utilities and is one of the most important jobs of distribution system employees. Pipeline Repair for Water Utilities shows workers step-by-step the basics of making durable repairs to underground water pipelines.

• Designed to supplement field training for new employees in one of the most critical aspects of distribution system maintenance, pipeline repair
• Demonstrates the tools, parts, and procedures for repairing common leaks and breaks, including beam breaks, longitudinal splits, blowouts, holes, punctures, and corrosion leaks
• Covers advance preparations, worksite safety, trench excavation, shoring, dewatering, traffic control, personal protective clothing, and public notification
• Emphasizes the importance of, and provides techniques for, preventing pipeline contamination during repair
• Demonstrates repair testing, pipe flushing, disinfection, water sampling, backfilling the trench, and documentation of the repair

20 minutes running time

ISBN: 9781583218709
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 64379
Media Type: DVD