AWWA-64378 Operator Chemistry Made Easy II DVD

Training video teaches chemistry concepts and formulas that water operators use on the job.

Operator Chemistry Made Easy II DVD is specially made to help students and operators prepare for certification and meet job requirements.  

Through visual learning and step-by-step explanation of the problem, the chemistry concept involved, and the method to solve the problem, Operator Chemistry Made Easy II simplifies chemistry and actually makes it fun to learn–even if you have no prior knowledge of chemistry.

Operator Chemistry Made Easy II builds on the information presented in AWWA’s popular Operator Chemistry Made Easy video, which teaches basic chemistry for water operators. II reviews the basics from Operator Chemistry Made Easy and then moves on to cover more advanced chemical formulas and concepts. Both videos are based on the AWWA textbook, Principles and Practices of Water Supply Operations: Basic Science Concepts and Applications.

Operator Chemistry Made Easy II is designed to aid in preparation for water operator certification tests. It also provides an excellent on-the-job chemistry reference. The video teaches actual working chemical formulas that are used both on the job and in operator certification exams, so you learn exactly the chemistry you need to know.

Anyone interested in improving their chemistry skills (including high school and college) and/or preparing for certification examinations will benefit from Operator Chemistry Made Easy II. This program applies to all water and wastewater operators regardless of the size of the utility.

ISBN: 9781583218686
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 64378
Media Type: DVD