AWWA-64360 The Story of Drinking Water DVD


Designed for elementary students, The Story of Drinking Water DVD makes learning about water fun by bringing to life AWWA’s best-selling children’s educational booklet The Story of Drinking Water. Kids learn facts about water on our planet, water treatment in ancient times to the present, water resources and conservation, and much more.


Teach children all about water, from water treatment in ancient times to water resources and conservation.

The DVD is perfect for school visits and for National Drinking Water Week. The information presented adheres to National Science Process Standards, making it ideal for classroom use.  

* Designed to reinforce the lesson plan of 
The Story of Drinking Water Teacher and Activity Guide.
* Loaded with cool animations, breathtaking natural scenery, and stunning weather photography.
* The perfect companion to 
The Story of Drinking Water booklet and the teacher’s guide.
* Recomended by National Science Teacher's Association.

Grades 3-6. (22 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583218365

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2011

AWWA catalog no: 64360

Media Type: DVD